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Randomized Controlled Trials

Current research topics in this research area in the Department include the following:
  1. A practical mega-trial to establish optimum treatment strategies of new generation antidepressants for major depression
  2. Adding smartphone-based cognitive-behaviour therapy to pharmacotherapy for major depression
  3. A mindfulness-based stress management program and treatment with omega-3 fatty acids to maintain a healthy mental state in hospital nurses (A/Prof Watanabe)
  4. Impact of spin in abstract conclusion on doctors' choices: a randomized trial [DOCTOR study] (Dr Shinohara)
  5. Mindfullnes-based therapy for atopic dermatitis: a randomized trial (Ms Kishimoto)
  6. CBT for irritable bowel syndrome (Dr Kikuchi)
  7. Smartphone CBT for survivors of breast cancer: a randomized trial (with Nagoya City University)
  8. Smartphone CBT for university students at risk: a fully factorial trial
  9. Electronic Health Record-nested practical randomized controlled trials
  10. Double-The-Remission: Adaptive RCT to explore treatment strategies to double the remission rate of major depression