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Research meetings

Date Research overview [16:30-17:30] Discussion [17:30 - 18:30]
April 7 Introduction to the Department Research progress review
April 14 Critical appraisal (Sato, Ethan)  Dr Satoshi Funada "CBT for Overactive Bladder in Women: Interim Report of RCT"
April 21 Research progress review Mr Takashi Ishida "Protocol of a randomized controlled trial to increase physical activities among the elderly in the community"
April 28 Welcome & Farewell Party  
May 5 -  
May 12

Research progress review

Dr Masafumi Tada "An interim report of CIVILION study: A comprehensive validation of very early rule-out strategies for non-ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction in emergency departments"
May 19 Critical appraisal (Suganuma, Toyomoto) Ms Sanae Kishimoto "An interim report of SMiLE study: Mindfulness program for atopic dermatitis"
May 26 Research progress review TBD
June 2 Critical appraisal (Ishida, Yamamoto) TBD
June 9 Research progress review Dr Shino Kikuch "An interim report of SUCIRI program: CBT for irritable bowel syndrome"
June 16 Critical appraisal (Funada, Oe)  
June 23 -
June 30 Research progress review
July 7 Critical appraisal (Yoshida, Ito)  
July 14    
July 21    
July 28  


Aug 4    
Aug 11    
Aug 18    
Aug 25    
Sept 1    
Sept 8  


Sept 15    
Sept 22    
Sept 29    
Oct 1 Research progress review Dr Ethan Sahker "Self-Introduction: My past and future research"
Oct 8 -  
Oct 15 Research progress review Critical appraisal (Funada, Yoshida)
Oct 22 -  
Oct 29 Research progress review Dr Satoshi Funada "Finalized therapy manual for behavior therapy of OAB"
Nov 5 Critical appraisal (Hwang, Luo) Ms Rei Sakagami "Protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis of ketamine for treatment-resistant depression"
Nov 12 Research progress review Dr Hissei Imai "The characteristics and social functioning of pathological social withdrawal, “Hikikomori” at a secondary care setting: a one-year cohort study."
Nov 19 -  
Nov 26 Research progress review Critical appraisal (Sato, Kikuchi)
Dec 3 Critical appraisal (Tada, Suganuma), Critical appraisal (Sahker, Sakata) Lecture on research integrity
Dec 10 [Year-end party]  
Dec 17 Dr Rei Tendeiro-Monden (Dept of Psychiatry, University of Groningen) Functional Somatic syndromes: machine learning and e-health

Ms Hwang Chiyoung "Gambling-Related Problems and Homelessness: A Mixed Methods Study in Osaka city, Japan"

Dec 24 -  
Dec 31 -  
Jan 7 Research progress review Critical appraisal (Toyomoto, Ishida)
Jan 14 -  
Jan 21 Research progress review Critical appraisal (Yamamoto, Funada)
Jan 28 Critical appraisal (Imai, Hwang) Dr Kazufumi Yoshida "Development and validation of an Alzheimer’s disease prediction model with donepezil: an individual participant data meta-analysis"
Feb 4 (課題研究発表会)  
Feb 11 -  
Feb 18 -  
Feb 25 Research progress review Dr Akira Sato "Finalized therapy manual for motivational interviewing to reduce sedentary life among people with schizophrenia"
Mar 3 Critical appraisal (Sakata, Kikuchi) Critical appraisal (Yoshida, Luo)
Mar 10 Research progress review Dr Tomoko Fujii "Managing a multi-national RCT: An Australian experience"
Mar 17 -  
Mar 24 -  
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