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Research meetings

Date Research overview [16:45-17:45] Discussion [17:45 - 18:45]
April 4  Research progress review  Discussion for this year's research meetings
April 11  Protocol presentation (Dr Yuki Matsuda)   Protocol presentation (Dr Hirotsugu Kawashima)
April 18   Research progress review  Critical appraisal (Sakata)
April 25  (Welcome Party)  
May 2  --  
May 9

  Research progress review

  Critical appraisal (Toyomoto)
May 16  --  
May 23   Critical appraisal (Tajika)   Dr Makie Nagai "Streamlined cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia provided by healthcare workers: A protocol of multi-center randomized controlled trial"
May 30  --  
June 6   Research progress review  Critical appraisal (Kawashima)
June 13  --  
June 20  --  
June 27  Dr Satoshi Funada "RCT of BT for OAB: a manuscript almost ready for submission"   Critical appraisal (Matsuda)
July 4  Research progress review  TBD
July 11  Dr Ryuhei So: Dissertation defence rehearsal "RCT of Unguided Chatbot‐Delivered Cognitive Behavioural Intervention for Problem Gamblers Through Messaging App""  Critical appraisal (Yamamoto)
July 18  Ms Rie Toyomoto "Perinatal internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy for preventing postnatal depression"  Mr Tomohiro Takahama "An attempt to automate data extraction in meta-analysis using GPT 3.5"
July 25  


Aug 1   Research progress review   Critical appraisal (Luo)
Aug 8  Critical appraisal (Sahker)  (summer party)
Aug 15  --  
Aug 22  --  
Aug 29  --  
Sept 5   Research progress review

  Critical appraisal (Kawashima)

Sept 12  Dr Masatsugu Sakata "Preliminary results from cNMA of CBT for depression prevention"  
Sept 19   Research progress review   Critical appraisal (Matsuda)
Sept 26  --  
Oct  3  --


Oct 10   Research progress review  Critical appraisal (Sakata)
Oct 17  Mr Kaga (Ehime U), Dr Yamamoto   "Interim report of ECG education study: The Usefulness of the RAND/UCLA Appropriateness Method in Preparing ECG Multiple-Choice Questions"   Critical appraisal (Toyomoto)
Oct 24  --  
Oct 31  MCR presentations (Matsuda, Kawashima)  Critical appraisal (Tajika)
Nov 7   Research progress review  Bryony (Rachel)?
Nov 14  --  
Nov 21   Research progress review   Critical appraisal (Kawashima)
Nov 28  Lecture and discussion on research integrity (研究公正)   Critical appraisal (Matsuda)
Dec 5   Research progress review  Critical appraisal (Yamamoto)
Dec 12  (大学院教育コース中間ヒアリング) 
Dec 19  Critical appraisal (Yamamoto, continued)    Critical appraisal (Luo)
Dec 26  --  
Jan 2    --  
Jan 9  --  
Jan 16  (大学院教育コース中間ヒアリング)
Jan 23 Practice presentation for viva (Sato)   Critical appraisa (Ethan)
Jan 30   Practice presentation (Kawashima)  Practice presentation (Matsuda)
Feb 6  (課題研究発表会)  
Feb 13  --  
Feb 20  Research progress review  Practice presentation (Kishimoto)
Feb 27  Discussion for 2024  Practice presentation (Tada)
Mar 5  (因果推論セミナー)  
Mar 12  Farewell party for A/Prof Sakata, Dr Kawashima and Dr Matsuda  
Mar 19    
Mar 26    
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