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For prospective students

Professor Furukawa is retiring in March 2024, and can take only students who can finish the required courses by then.
  1. The student must have a national diploma in medicine or related disciplines (or equivalent).
  2. It is desirable that he/she have had two or more years of clinical or work experiences.
  3. In terms of the research topics, the student is expected either
    • to actively participate in one of the on-going research projects in the Department
    • to pursue his/her own research interest, in which case the student MUST have his/her own field to obtain the data. The Department is not responsible for finding the research field for the student.
  4. DrPH and PhD students are expected to publish 2 original research papers in English, and MPH/MCR students are expected to write up 1 original research paper in English before graduation. MCR students can substitute a research paper by a research protocol.
  5. English is the official language of science. Although we do not speak English on everyday basis in the Department, we expect the students to have mastery of the English language at or above 90 on TOEFL (iBT).
  6. For students from abroad: We do not have any scholarship in our Department. Please make sure that you have a govermental or other public scholarship before you come to Japan.
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