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Cognitive-Behavior Therapy

Current research topics in this research area in the Department include the following:
  1. Research and development of new CBT apps using smartphones and other ICT technologies
    • Kokoro-app series (cognitive-behavior therapy applications on smartphone: modules for cognitive restructuring, behavioral activation, assertiveness training, problem solving)

    • Kurashi-app (life log application on smartphone, with wearables)

  2. Research and development of CBT programs for patients with physical diseases
    • Mindfullnes-based therapy for atopic dermatitis: a randomized trial
    • CBT for irritable bowel syndrome
    • Smartphone CBT for survivors of breast cancer: a randomized trial (with Nagoya City University)
    • Smartphone CBT for university students at risk: a fully factorial trial
  3. Research and development of CBT programs applicable to workplace